ZEROi Lab is a startup based in Newport that is committed to creating wearable tech that won’t make people think you’re trying to become a cyborg. Their first born is the non coincidentally named ZEROi, a baseball style cap in which you can listen to music and talk on the phone with your hands free. They use something called ‘bone conduction technology.’ It is the transmission of sound at a frequency that can be conducted through the bones of the skull, bypassing the ear canal entirely. This type of transmission gives you the benefit of being able to take in your auditory surroundings while still being able to hear your music.

A noninvasive button resides beneath the surface of the bill which turns the cap on and off. There is a tiny magnetic port on the bill of the cap which connects to a usb cable. Here are some numbers that are good to know; 5 hours of continuous playback, 2 hours to reach a full charge, and 8 days of standby mode.

ZEROi is a very unassuming product, fitting innocuously into your wardrobe as a regular looking hat. Similar competitors offer only 2 bone conduction speakers while ZEROi contains four, making for a crisper sound and better listening experience. A regular hat weighs in around 3, the ZEROi tips the scales at 4 oz, a miniscule difference that won’t tax your neck.

The cap has an oil based coating making it resistant to water. It can handle rain and spillage, but there is a point of no return so you want to avoid submerging it in water. There are two different styles to choose from: snap back and ball cap.

The ZEROi is perfect the sports fan that loves to go to the a game and listen to the broadcast, they can now hear the roar of the crowd just as loudly as everyone else.