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The Volterman Smart Wallet: It Has Your Back

By July 11, 2017 No Comments

It’s a situation everyone’s been in, we can’t locate our wallet. This was the impetus for creating the Volterman Smart Wallet by an engineer, the idea was reinforced when his three-year-old decided a good place to put his wallet was in that small crack between the stove and the counter, it took about a month to replace all those contents! This engineer looked online for smart wallets but found that the market was lacking what people really need, better yet, what they didn’t know they needed.

Whoever came up with the expression “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it” would take back their words in an instant after seeing the Volterman smart wallet. It looks unassuming at first glance, but what lies within the polished exterior will astound you. The people over at Volterman Inc. spent two years developing a product that thoroughly impressed us with its ingenious features, but even more so with its simplicity.

Volterman Wallet

Feature Breakdown:

Phone Charger: It gets better, it can charge two phones at once with the add-on wireless charger. The Volterman comes with a short charging cable that magnetically attaches inside the wallet. You can simultaneously charge the second phone by placing on the wallet itself.

Distance Alarm: Never worry about leaving without your wallet. The Bluetooth distance alarm will go off once you travel about 30 feet away from the wallet.

Global GPS Tracking: Let’s say you don’t have the distance alarm on and you leave your phone somewhere, or worse, it gets stolen. The GPS tracking feature allows you to find the location of your wallet in real time.

Built in Camera: The Volterman has a tiny camera is located inside the wallet, if you select the setting the ‘lost mode’ in the app, the camera snaps a photo each time the wallet is opened and put in a folder in the wallet’s app. This feature acts as a defense against thieves or can be used to reward a good Samaritan.

Worldwide WIFI Hotspot: You have the ability to connect to a network anywhere in the world, and Volterman’s rates are at least 3x cheaper than any roaming charges.

Multiple Options


A simple but elegant design, for the minimalist who doesn’t want to carry too much in their pockets.


A classic wallet with sleek craftsmanship for someone looking for that familiar feel.


Perfect for someone always on the go, slide your passport and boarding pass in there and take flight.

The Volterman is also waterproof, the engineers behind this product thought of everything. This wallet does more than carry cards and cash, it gives you a sense of security.