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Third Wave Water: A Simple Ingredient To Make Your Coffee Taste Great

By October 3, 2017 No Comments

Most coffee enthusiasts will go to extreme lengths to make sure they’re brewing a superior batch. They meticulously measure out the perfect amount of coffee grounds and make sure they’re adding hot and cold water at just the right times, but they don’t always take the type of water into account. Most people boil water from the tap, and that’s fine for you average Joes that want an average cup of Joe. But if you actually take pleasure in drinking coffee you’re going to take a look at Third Wave Water.

Third Wave Water

Third Wave Water is a simple powder comprised of three natural minerals; calcium, magnesium, and sodium. All you have to do is mix the mineral packet in a gallon of distilled water or reverse osmosis water until it’s completely dissolved. The magnesium will help pull out some of the acidity, calcium will help balance the flavors, and the sodium helps in the extraction of the caffeine. Third Wave Water allows every cup of coffee to reach its maximum flavor potential.

The minerals in water change from city to city which can make the water soft or hard and local coffee brewers have to work with what they have. Third wave coffee takes the variable of geography out of the equation and allows you to have good tasting coffee wherever you go, providing that you can get your hands on some distilled or reverse osmosis water.

Third Wave Water

Third Wave Water was founded by Charles Nick and Taylor Minor, the two lamented that customers were always complaining that the coffee they brew at home never tasted as good as it did in the coffee shop. The two of them surmised that the water being used had to be the x-factor. Taylor joked that maybe they could sell dehydrated water, after the laughter subsided he headed to the lab to create the first iteration of Third Wave Water. Not long after that, the formula was refined and the product was put on the market. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Charles and Taylor are looking to get into your kitchen, and you should let them if you like good tasting coffee.