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SWINGS – World’s Longest Lasting Smartwatch

By September 26, 2017 No Comments

Stay connected to the world while not having to charge – SWINGS – the 2-year battery life smartwatch.

SWINGS smartwatch is able to solve two problems that all other smartwatches have fallen short on – battery life and looking like a real watch.  The Pebble smartwatch has always been good on battery life – with up to a week on some of their devices, but those products do not look like a classic wristwatch.  At first glance you would have no idea this watch is a smart device, but it still can track and give you updates as other digital screen heavy smartwatches require.


Battery Life Breakthrough

Aside from being a good looking watch, the most noticeable aspect on this smartwatch is the battery life.  SWINGS boasts an astounding two-year battery life on the generic CR2450 replaceable watch battery, which is comparable with standard non-smart watches.

Battery Smartwatch

How it’s Made

The SWINGS smartwatch utilizes the best materials in order to bring you the best quality watch possible.  Included is:

  • Swiss analog components
  • Waterproof to 300ft/100m Build
  • Next generation, power efficient digital chipset exclusive to SWINGS
  • Sapphire glass, scratch proof
  • The most advanced, high precision gyroscope available for fitness & sleep tracking; 3x more accurate than other smartwatches
  • 316L stainless steel body and bands; no corrosion, no skin rashes
  • Genuine leather bands
  • High quality, comfortable silicone sports bands
Watch Styles


SWINGS is packed with hidden features that a standard wristwatch would not include.  Smart notifications, tracking your fitness, tracking your sleep, music control, camera control, sedentary reminder, time zone sync, alarm, stopwatch, call notifications, and it is waterproof to boot.

Camera Control

Take selfie pictures with ease! Use the camera remote control to take selfie pictures. By opening the SWINGS app and camera, simply take a picture by pressing a button on your watch.

Music Control

Adjust your favorite tunes with your watch. The SWINGS watch connects with any music app on your phone. Stop and play music, and control the volume, and change tracks all from your smartwatch.

Auto Change Time Zones

No need to constantly adjust your watch to different time zones. SWINGS watch smart chip sensor automatically changes the time zone for you.

Disconnect Notification

If your watch disconnects from your smartphone, it will give you warning and vibrate.


Wake up with ease! Your SWINGS watch gives you the option to wake up by an alarm or vibration mode.

Call Notification

Never miss an important call during a meeting. If a call comes in, your SWINGS watch will vibrate and the dial will indicate a call alert. Push a button on the watch to dismiss the call and immediately send it to voicemail if you’re busy.

Health Tracking

Get healthy! SWINGS tracks how many steps you take during your workout and throughout the day. It uses the most advanced gyroscope system available on any smartwatch for 3x the accuracy.

Sleep Tracking

Automatically track duration and quality of sleep. Make tweaks to your sleep routine and confirm the results with SWINGS to unlock a better you.