The first ever self-charging smartwatch!

The Swiss, famous for their cheese, banks, and Alps, have set their sights on making a smartwatch that supposedly never needs charging. Well not everyone in Switzerland, only a select few at a company aptly titled Sequent have created the Sequent Watch. Living in the age of making everything ‘smart’ certainly has its benefits, like quantifying things that were previous rough estimates. But it also has its pitfalls like, that snakeden you call a nightstand with all of the wires tangled together charging your precious gadgets. Do you really want another thing to charge? (Cue Sequent).

Standing on the shoulders of giants, Sequent took a page from traditional Swiss automatic watch movement and patented the first kinetic self-charging battery system, so the watch powers itself by virtue of you wearing it, you know like a regular watch, except in this case the watch is infinitely smarter!

Feature Breakdown:

  • Activity Tracker: Counts your steps, tracks biofeedback, and measures your heart rate.
  • GPS: Know where you’re going and see where you’ve been.
  • Customizable Notifications: Choose to not get bogged down by everything and only let the important stuff into your world.

The people over at Sequent claim their watch lasts over 300 days in standby mode. Providing you are not in a coma, the watch will run for as long as you wear it. The watch is not touch screen responsive, but rather has has LED lights that notify you when you’re receiving an incoming phone call or text. In this respect the watch is more similar to a Fitbit than an Apple Watch. But one thing is certain, this watch has style–it has a timeless look to it and is a bargain $155 when its design and capabilities are taken into account.