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Rigiet: Advanced Stabilizer for Your Phone & GoPro

By May 18, 2017 No Comments

Smooth videos, auto-track, motion time-lapse, panorama, long-exposure & more…Capture Your Life With Rigiet

Are you ready to capture every moment in of your life and turn it into smooth and steady cinematic videos with Rigiet?

With a total of seven different shooting modes, Rigiet’s got you covered in every situation.

Whether you want to film in landscape, portrait or underslung position, Rigiet can automatically detect and adjust to the position that you want to film in.

Phone Stabalizer GIF

Rigiet is truly one-of-a-kind stabilizer. It can charge your phone while you are shooting videos. You can even simultaneously charge your phone and Rigiet with a power bank! Can you think of another stabilizer that can do that?

We’ve designed Rigiet to be compatible with tripods, so you can use it with any tripod without the need for additional accessories.

Through the Rigiet app, simply drag-and-drop any object you want to auto-track. Rigiet will follow the object and keep it in the frame for a perfect shot. It works for both front and rear camera, and during even during streaming!

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