How to Link our Badge on your Kickstarter

How to Link our Badge on your Kickstarter

Having a bit of difficulty adding our badge to your Kickstarter campaign? Follow these very simple steps below.

1. Go into the “Story” section of your campaign

Make sure you find the section you want to put our badge.

2. Choose the “image” icon

Click on the image icon you see in the screenshot to the right. Then find our badge that we included, and are including on this page below, and choose to upload it.

3. Add a “Click-through link”

After choosing our product watch badge, you will then need to add a “click-through link”. This link should be the blog in which we wrote about your campaign, but it is OK to use our homepage as well. Please see the image to the right.

You do not need to add any caption, the “click-through link” will be just fine. Click on insert image, and our badge with a link should now be inserted

4. Confirm the link is working

You will then just want to preview your changes to make sure the image link is now working.

That’s it! You’re done! Check the image below if you need to save your own.