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IronWire Cables: Protect your Cables with a Unique Design

By October 6, 2017 No Comments

Make tearing cords a thing of the past with a kevlar braid and unique TensileTubing, design tested to over 20,000 bends.

The first cord protector to be tested over 20,000 bends

I personally have never had a phone connector last longer than a few months before ripping and tearing.  I have 3D printed parts that allow this cord to last longer, but it is an inevitability that the cord will eventually tear.

According to Echo Products, cables are not expected to last longer than a year.  That is why they have tested theirs to withstand over 20,000 bends.

The stress and bends put on your cell phones from charging 1-2 times per day will bring down just about any cord.  With kevlar braided cable and TensileTubing, you will not need to replace the IronWire until the new version of the cord is invented and used on cell phones.

Ironwire Cord protector

We personally fixed our phone cables here by using Bondic, which we reviewed earlier, but these are bound to break eventually as well with repeated use.

Bondic Cord Repair

How it was made

The first production prototype they tested out using a spring over the connector end, but they wanted something that had more strength.

The redesign saw them introducing an extended plastic tubing passing through the connector joint and over the cable.  This was significantly tougher and allows for some flexibility to take away from the stress on the connector joints.

Ironwire Design

The final product is a silver kevlar and nylon braid with a 3cm extra tubing protection which passes right through the connector joint for maximum protection.