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The Ice Shaker: Tough As A Gronkowski

By October 10, 2017 No Comments

The Ice Shaker is a protein shaker cup created by former NFL player Chris Gronkowski. When athletes retire some of them sit around on the couch all day, while others find it nearly impossible to shake that competitive spirit and hit gym just as hard as they did when they were pros. Gronkowski chose the latter and wanted a leaner physique.

Gronkowski heard that the American College of Sports Medicine recommends drinking cold water during workouts to burn more calories. This is due to the body expending energy to heat up the cold liquids. The plastic shaker cup he was using for years couldn’t keep his protein drink cold throughout his workout and he often found that odor would cling to it. Unsatisfied with the options available the former fullback set out to created The Ice Shaker which holds 26oz of liquid. There’s no need for a blender ball, just add ice and shake.

Ice Shaker Shark Tank


  • Vacuum Insulated: Two walls of insulation and a vacuum seal ensure that your drink stays cold for over 30 hours and won’t leave a ring on your surfaces.
  • Spillproof: The sturdy pop-top lid is BPA free, easy to open with one hand.
  • Kitchen Grade Premium Stainless Steel: Makes it easy to clean and won’t absorb any odor.

Some more benefits of drinking cold liquids during a workout is that it gets through the stomach faster and absorbed into the intestines for quicker absorption, that way you don’t get that feeling in your stomach when liquid sloshes around. Quicker absorption of water means that you’ll stay hydrated longer even though you’re sweating. Cold water keeps your core temperature down while exercising and helps to maintain endurance and prevent heat exhaustion.

The Ice Shaker

The Ice Shaker is the perfect cup for the gym, but you can also take it hiking, camping, hunting, yoga, the office, or anywhere you might want a cold drink. If you lead an active lifestyle or just need some cold liquid in your life you should definitely get yourself The Ice Shaker.