How to Link our Badge on your Indiegogo

How to Link our Badge on your Indiegogo

Having a bit of difficulty adding our badge to your Indiegogo campaign? Follow these very simple steps below.

1. Go into the “Story” section of your campaign

Scroll down to “Campaign Pitch” assuming that is where the bulk of your information is located

2. Choose the “image” icon

Once clicking on the icon (as you see in the image to the right), you will have the option to upload our Badge photo. Choose the file and then click “Save Image”. You will then click “OK” on the bottom right – and our badge should now have been added

3. Highlight image and add link

Once the image is placed in the location you want – you will want to highlight the entire image and click on the link icon – as you see in the image to the right.

Once you click on that icon you will be taken to the option to add a URL for when the image is clicked. You will then want to place the URL of the blog we wrote about your product – or to our homepage itself.

4. Confirm the link is working

You will then just want to preview your changes to make sure the image link is now working.

That’s it! You’re done! Check the image below if you need to save your own.