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COVI – Where Light, Sound, and Design Collide

By June 23, 2017 No Comments

You arrive at your front door after a long day’s work, you’re tired but you know the comforts of home are on the other side of that door. You turn the key, walk through the door to find a warm, inviting light and your favorite album playing and you can finally exhale. There are two ways to achieve this effect: you are either an energy hog and leave everything on all day while no one’s home, or you have a COVI.

What is a COVI? I’d call it a magic lamp, but Senic, the creators of this sorcery, would say it’s a speech enabled light and open source smart hub. What are the implications of COVI being open sourced? That means COVI  can connect to third party devices in your home via wifi or bluetooth and interact with them through the sound of your voice, with COVI playing the part of the middleman.


Design: Physically, it’s a thing of beauty, the epitome of modernity, but emits the soothing glow of an 18th-century kerosene lamp. It has a sandblasted glass finish and an anodized aluminum allow it to fit innocuously in your home like any other piece of furniture, without boasting is superior computing power.

Open Source: This format allows COVI to connect to third party devices in your home via WIFI or Bluetooth and interacting with them through the sound of your voice with COVI playing the part of the middleman.

Alexa: Senic’s aim with COVI was to help loosen up the shackles of technology. Powered by Amazon’s Alexa as a personal assistant, you can look up any piece of information without looking at a phone or computer screen, reducing the chances of you going to down an internet rabbit hole when you have things to do.

The Actual Light: The light coming from the COVI is meant to reflect the natural light cycle of the day, it’s a cool white light in the morning and a warmer white light in the evening. This was purposely designed to bring back a bit of natural order to our lives. You can steal fire from the gods, but you don’t want to get burned while you do it.

COVI reached their crowdfunding goal in of 83,722 dollars in just under two days. This product is in high demand and it’s easy to see why. It’s expected to hit the ship out in March of next year and I can’t wait.

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