Have your bicycle lights ever gone out at an inopportune time? It’s happened to me before; I was riding home late one foggy night from the university library, and the batteries on my light went out on me just as I descended a giant, winding hill. It was absolutely terrifying, but luckily I made it down unscathed. If I had CIO back then, the magnetically powered battery-free bike lights, there wouldn’t have been much to worry about.

CIO is a remarkable piece of hardware that will bring peace of mind to cyclists all over the globe. It was created by Reelight, an environmentally conscious company from Denmark, committed to keeping people safe.

bike light

How it Works:

I don’t really have the knowledge or background to explain electromagnetism, but essentially, the CIO is broken down into two parts. There’s the Reelight, the easily attachable component that contains the the light, and the magnet which attaches to the spoke of the bike that triggers the Reelight with each revolution.

“Yeah, yeah, very cool but will anyone be able to see me at a red light?”

The answer is a resounding yes! CIO continues blinking for two minutes even when at a full stop.

Safety in Numbers

  • LED lights last about 50,000 hours. That’s roughly 11 years of use, considering the light would only flash when the magnet interacts with the Reelight and when stopped momentarily for traffic signals, you will almost certainly never have to entertain the thought of buying a another bike light ever again.
  • In a study involving over 4,000 cyclists, Reelight’s induction lights reduced the probability of all accidents by 19%
  • The probability of accidents involving more than one party were reduced by 47%
  • 85% of people claimed they felt safer using their induction lights

Why Get Cio?

  • Powered by magnets (super cool)
  • It’s better for the environment: No batteries means no production costs, no shipping, no contamination of soil or water
  • It’s easy to install: Mounts to almost any frame within seconds
  • Durable: It’s waterproof and impact resistant
Bike Light
bike light

The bottom line is, if you have a bike and you need a light you should get CIO. Even if you have a light there’s no possible way it’s as reliable, making CIO the last bike light you will ever need to get!