Phone Accessory

Tenikle: A Twistable, Bendable, Portable Phone Mount

A lot of products are advertised as versatile but very few of them do it well. The Tenikle was conceived by graphic designer, Hans Dose, when he charmed his way out of a cell phone ticket from a police officer for not having a mount while using his phone. Hans immediately drove to pick one up, but the mounts...

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VASCO – Convenient Travelling

The easiest bag to travel with is here! Vasco smart packing cubes and bags will allow you to keep clothes, shoes, makeup, cords, headphones, documents and more in a convenient travel bag. 1. Packing Cubes for Clothing: The Clothes bag lets you compactly pack clothing of all sizes into your luggage - helping to save an enormous amount of space. According to...

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Moovy – Solar + Battery Backpack

Moovy has been able to solve the issue of uncharged devices while traveling. With a built-in powerbank and solar panel, Moovy is able to combine fashion with ultimate function. Features: This bag combines function and form by having a large power bank, easy storage of your devices while traveling, a solar panel, and much more. How it Works: Moovy Bags are set up...

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