Night Runner Shoe Lights Let You See 30 Feet

  For enthusiastic nature lovers that love exploring and exercising during the night, or in the early morning, the absence of light is no longer a problem. Night Runner Shoe Lights offer an ideal solution! You don’t have to wait for daylight anymore. With these lights, you can explore forests and meadows even after dusk. NIghtly runs feel great but...

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Barukas: A Superfood To Save Us All

Picture this, a new superfood that contributes to the reforestation of one of Brazil's most overexploited regions. Born from the fruit of the Baruzeira tree, the Baru nut is stacked with nutrients and tastes like a cross of almonds and peanuts. The tasty nut is sourced from Cerrado, in the savanna of Brazil. The Cerrado roughly accounts for 20% of...

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Get Up N’ Go With The CrunchCup: The World’s Greatest Portable Cereal Cup

  Few places on Earth consume breakfast cereals quite like we do here in the United States. In fact, the average American eats about ten pounds, or 160 bowls, of cereal a year. And those numbers are actually low compared with cereal consumption trends pre-2000’s. So, what happened? Ask any Baby Boomer and they’ll tell you cereal sales have plummeted...

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