The Punisher Season 1 Review

I've heard conflicting reviews, but I have been nothing but disappointed by all of Marvel's Netflix shows since Daredevil Season 2. Luke Cage was fairly corny with a subpar plot, Iron Fist didn't have any real redeeming qualities, and The Defenders was nothing but a confusing letdown. The story involving The Hand led essentially nowhere, and I felt that Marvel...

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The Snapchat Strategy Change

As someone who personally believes that almost all social media companies are currently overvalued, it doesn't come as a surprise to me that Snapchat has run into some financial problems. Only a few months after their unique Spectacles launch, CEO Evan Spiegal announced that they will be doing a 180° change in their plans. Their recent Q3 earnings report show an...

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Danger in Granting Apps Personal Data

Earlier today Judith Duportail of The Guardian released this article explaining how she received 800 pages of data collected on her by the dating app Tinder. As Olivier Keyes, a data scientist at the University of Washington states, "I am horrified but absolutely not surprised by this amount of data...Every app you use regularly on your phone owns the same...

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