Twitter Turns Profit For First Time

News broke Wednesday morning that Twitter had its first profitable quarter ever. Its stock rose upwards of 20% before the market opened Thursday. Twitter’s earnings came in at $91 million during its final quarter of 2017. To put this in perspective, the final quarter of Twitter’s 2016 closed at negative $167 million. While surprising to many, there were reports that...

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Doughnut Bar — A Healthier Doughnut

Doughnuts are a guilty pleasure. They are able to satisfy in a way that most people can't and are so popular worldwide that you can find them in almost all corners of the globe. But one thing they are not is a healthy snack, kale chips they are not. Doughnut Bar is trying to take the guilt away from that pleasure with...

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Robinhood Bridges the Gap Between Stock Traders and Crypto Traders

Robinhood will allow the trading of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin and Ethereum on their platform, without transaction fees beginning in February for customers in California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, and New Hampshire. With cryptocurrency skyrocketing over the past year, transaction fees have a been a thorn in the paw of traders. Some apps that house crypto coins like Coinbase charge a 1.5-4 percent...

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6 Apps To Make Eating Easier

With an ever-growing chasm of apps to choose from, it’s becoming easier and easier to forget about the essentials. Understandably so, because nobody really wants to think about utility bills when social media, breaking news, or perchance some dank memes are just a touch away; however, in regards to the territory war over your smart device’s memory, I would strongly...

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A Look Back at the “Death of Bitcoin”

The Death of Bitcoin

I recently stumbled upon a funny little site called Bitcoin Obituaries. The site will post an article whenever a publication decides to declare Bitcoin is done for. According to the site, Bitcoin has died 212 times. Along with each article, the site owner includes the price of Bitcoin when the article was written. The first page of articles are all...

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