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BondicEVO – Liquid Plastic Welder

By July 10, 2017 No Comments

The World’s 1st Liquid Plastic Welder

While it may seem like a simple task – it can often be extremely difficult to get certain materials to stick together via conventional super glue methods.  Not only can the strength be subpar and not withstand the test of time, you are also limited with its application based on its drying time.  BondicEVO has figured out a revolutionary way to fix this problem – the world’s first liquid plastic welder!

Along with this short overview, we will get the opportunity to test out this product and do a compare and contrast video with alternative options soon!

About BondicEVO:

The story of Bondic started with Dr. Tom, a dentist from Germany.  A patient had asked if he could take some of dental bonding material home with a spare UV light to test out a product he was working on.  This was the beginning of Tom figuring out there was more to this unique material and curing process.

Bondic utilizes a unique liquid formula which, when exposed to a special UV light, is transformed into a hard plastic in just 4 seconds.  Along with a strong bond on almost any material, this delayed curing allows you to get the liquid in the exact position you want, and then nearly instantly dry it.

Endless Applications:

As someone who is an avid 3D printer enthusiast, I am always looking for new, better ways to bond plastics together.  I have used super glue gels, epoxies, and multiple plastic welding formulas, but all have their negatives when it comes to this specific application.  Either it takes too long to dry, isn’t strong enough, or is extremely difficult to maneuver into the spot you need it to be.

But this plastic welder isn’t limited to bonding two different types of plastic together.  You can actually use this on metal, to create threading, and even insulate low volt wires.

How it Works:

Plastic can be thought of as a polymer chain – made of monomers which naturally want to attract and organize into a “polymer chain”.  Dr. Tom was able to make it so there is a liquid that prevents this polymer chain from occurring until you apply their specially created UV light.  This means that you are the one who controls the drying process.

One of the more amazing parts of this – Bondic is not just another glue product.  Bondic is not a glue, and doesn’t work anything like a glue.  Bondic just allows for applications and more material options previously impossible with standard glues and epoxies.

Repair Broken Tail Lights

File and Shape to Any Size

Insulate and Secure Wiring

Make New Threading

Super Strong

Cures in Seconds

Newest Product Options:

Since Bondic first revealed their product in 2014 they have made lots of improvements to their model to what you see now – the BondicEVO.

The BondicEVO includes a built in LED light that gives more power than the original Bondic LED, has a quick release cartridge system for easy replacements, and an ergonomic grip for convenient and steady applications.

We are excited to receive our test product over the next week and put it to the test.  We will release a review video once we have the appropriate amount of footage and testing.  Make sure you grab yours now!