Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder

Cures within 4 seconds of shining its UV light!

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Rigiet: Advanced Stabilizer

Smooth videos, auto-track, motion time-lapse, panorama, long-exposure & more…Capture Your Life With Rigiet

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The Volterman Smart Wallet

The Volterman Smart Wallet is a power bank, WiFi hotspot, anti-theft wallet all in one!  Grab yours now!

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Kiddo: Smart Health Band

Monitors health and activity of your child everyday – giving you peace of mind when you need itm ost.

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Funded ProjectsHome and OfficeKickstarterTravel
July 27, 2017

Swift – World’s First Rapid Access Wallet

The easiest way to access your money with a quick swipe of your thumb! Back This Project! Slick, affordable, and easy to use, the Swift Rapid Access Wallet is a...
Funded ProjectsHome and OfficeKickstarterStaff PickTechnologyTravel
July 20, 2017

Sequent: The first kinetic self-charging smartwatch

The first ever self-charging smartwatch! Back This Project! The Swiss, famous for their cheese, banks, and Alps, have set their sights on making a smartwatch that supposedly never needs charging....
Volterman Wallet Funded ProjectsIndiegogoStaff PickTechnology
July 11, 2017

The Volterman Smart Wallet: It Has Your Back

It's a situation everyone's been in, we can't locate our wallet. This was the impetus for creating the Volterman Smart Wallet by an engineer, the idea was reinforced when his...
Funded ProjectsHome and OfficeKickstarterTechnology
July 10, 2017

BondicEVO – Liquid Plastic Welder

The World's 1st Liquid Plastic Welder Back This Project! While it may seem like a simple task - it can often be extremely difficult to get certain materials to stick...
Obsidian 3D Printer Funded ProjectsKickstarterStaff PickTechnology
July 3, 2017

Obsidian 3D Printer – $99 3D Printer!

Last year Kodama launched and delivered the Trinus, a cost effective but powerful 3d printer. Unsatisfied with their success, they sought out to achieve more. Their result: the Obsidian 3D...
Cio bike light Funded ProjectsKickstarterSports/AthleticStaff PickTechnology
June 30, 2017

CIO – The Battery-Free Bike Light

Back This Project! Have your bicycle lights ever gone out at an inopportune time? It’s happened to me before; I was riding home late one foggy night from the university...
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